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Body Camera Series

  • Body Cameras for Police Officers

    Body Cameras for Police Officers

    1) High-speed processor and embedded real-time operating system.
    2) Integrate 32 megapixels high-definition images, audio, PTT intercom, storage,and integrated IR LEDS for night vision.
    3) Two replaceable and rechargeable batteries support 12 hours...
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  • Body Cam

    Body Cam

    1) Video recording system that is typically utilized by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence at crime scenes.
    2) The images and footages can be sent to the control room by connecting body camera docking...
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  • 4G WIFI Body Video Camera

    4G WIFI Body Video Camera

    Model:【G004】 The body video camera adopts high speed processor and embedded smooth operating system, built-in 3G, 4G LTE and wireless network and GPS module to realize position fix, remote control and real time monitor. Connect external power banks to extend the running time....Read More

  • Body Worn Video Cameras Police

    Body Worn Video Cameras Police

    Model:【G004】 We've made hundreds of tests during the design process to increase the strength and durability. Not only enhances the ability of this camera to resist knocks and drops, and also we've added waterproof and dustproof up to IP68 protection making the camera...Read More

  • Mini Body Cam

    Mini Body Cam

    Model:【G001】The mini body cam have 1.5 inch TFT screen, which has a proven impartial effect on people being recorded and maximises transparency with the public. The mini design enables recording in situations where it may not be possible to use standard cameras. When...Read More

  • Mini Wearable Camera

    Mini Wearable Camera

    Model:【G001】 A mini wearable camera also makes a great gift for any extreme sports enthusiast who's looking to record a stunt, or your everyday gadget geek who enjoys on-the-go recording. Some users want to wear body camera in order to record evidence as well. A wearable...Read More

  • Sport Action Head-mounted Camera

    Sport Action Head-mounted Camera

    Designed with ergonomics in mind, this camera simulating the angle of view of the human eye, is light and comfortable to wear, and has a simple and stylish appearance. The camera's lightweight design adapts to video recordings for a variety of sports and...
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  • Multi-function Flashlight Wearable Recorder

    Multi-function Flashlight Wearable Recorder

    The multi-function wearable recorder developed by our company has been put into use in many places, including exploration, patrol, mining operations and railway construction. With 8000mAh lithium battery, this camera is able to continuous work for more than...
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  • HD WIFI Torch Light Camera

    HD WIFI Torch Light Camera

    Model:【G008】This flashlight body camera supports for lighting, photo, video and various data transmission modes. Because of its Waterproof and dustproof and anti - drop design, it is widely used in all kinds of operating scenarios. The camera is stable and reliable and easy...Read More

  • 1080p HD 3G 4G Camcorder Camera

    1080p HD 3G 4G Camcorder Camera

    Model:【G4】 The camcorder camera have two cameras. The main camera supports up to 34 mega pixels, and optional video resolutions ( such as 1920*1080 30fps or 1280*720 30fps) for different storage needs. The bottom camera have 8 mega pixles for certificate shooting or others...Read More

  • Body Worn Camera for Construction Sites

    Body Worn Camera for Construction Sites

    Model:【G4】 Body worn camera for construction sites captures audio and video on the move. With high definition playback up to 1080p, up to 30 frames per second, the device has six infrared lights and two white LEDs for low light or dark situation, and built in GPS modules to...Read More

  • Mini DVR Body Camera Video Recorder

    Mini DVR Body Camera Video Recorder

    Model:【G1】 The mini DVR body camera video recorder is the ideal recording device for covert concealment in objects. Full on screen menus, manual, time or motion activated recording, frame by frame video review, and more. Just like a full size DVR, video can be output to any...Read More

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