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4G LTE WIFI Body Camera

Model:【G004】 The 4G LTE WIFI body camera includes a number of the latest video processing technology, full-featured, reliable performance, can be widely used in public, prosecutors, the police and other law enforcement departments. The device can be timely record the scene, collect evidence, standardize the law enforcement behavior, reproduce the scene picture to ensure the accuracy and impartiality of law enforcement. The body camera comes with a clip that can clip onto a pocket, belt, epaulet or even a purse. Perfect for police officers, security guards and other professionals.

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Product Details



1) High-speed processor and embedded real-time operating system.

2) Integrates high-definition video, audio, 3G 4G LTE wireless communication module, GPS, bluetooth, storage.

3) 32GB built-in storage, 34 mega pixels, 114-degree horizontal wide angle lens for evidence gathering and analysis. 

4) Pre-recording and post-recording 60 seconds

5) Record format is MP4 (H.264)

6) Charging time is less than 4 hours

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