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1) Powerful Ambarella processor, file tagging, PTT intercom, and digital zoom 32X to shoot at 1296p (30fps) high resolution.
2) One-touch SOS.
3) 120-degree wide angle lens.
4) Pre-record and post-record provide more critical details aren't missed, post-recording time can be set, and support up to 60s.
5) One-touch tag important file.

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Product Details

Product description:

Model:【G002】 The bodycam is designed to provide law enforcement, security and emergency personnel to develop a highly integrated equipment. The device supports powerful Ambarella processor, one touch SOS, file tagging, PTT intercom, digital zoom 32X and shoot at 1296p (30fps) high resolution. Simple operation and clear performance is helpful for officers review footage when writing reports or police chasing.

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