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Patrol Officer Body Cameras

1) Super HD 1296p 30fps video recording capability
2) One-touch recording and activation
3) Ambarella processor improve the system speed and the user's experience
4) Under low-light conditions, IR-cut automatically or manually
5) 120-degree wide angle lens
6) 32GB (128GB) internal memory
7) Pre-record and post-record provide more critical details aren't missed, post-recording time can be set, and support up to 10 min
8) One-touch tag important file

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Product Details

Product description:

Model:【G002】 The body cameras are designed to provide law enforcement and security personnel with true super HD 1296p 30fps video recording capability, one-touch recording and activation. It adopts Ambarella processor to improve the system speed and the user's experience. When officers wear it on the front of an uniform, the body camera captures clear images under low-light conditions with a 120-degree wide angle lens and IR-cut automatically or manually for evidence gathering and analysis. Featuring a 32GB (128GB) internal memory, pre-record, post-record,and one-touch file tagging , the body camera is adopted to perform in any environment. 

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