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Body Camera Series

  • Mini Body Cameras

    Mini Body Cameras

    Model:【G001】 This mini body cameras at 58mm*40mm*27mm expect easy fitment in your clothing or uniform shirt or pants pocket. It is really small and lightweight (85g), little and easy for using, which the size just like as a pingpong ball. Support 32mega pixels for capturing...Read More

  • WIFI Body Cameras for Construction Sites

    WIFI Body Cameras for Construction Sites

    Model:【G004】 Companies responsible for road maintenance and construction sites have fitted front-line staff with body cameras to provide personal safety and protection, as well as to offer an overview of health and safety practices. Unlike other live transmission body cameras...Read More

  • 3G 4G Body Cams for Job Sites Survey

    3G 4G Body Cams for Job Sites Survey

    Model:【G004】 Live and recorded footage can be accessed via 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to remotely view and download the video via an existing video management system.The cameras require no fixed infrastructure to deliver live video, and the can be...Read More

  • Pre-record and Post-record Body Camera

    Pre-record and Post-record Body Camera

    Model:【G004】 While in standby mode or turned off, simply press the record button on the camera to start recording. The body camera allows you to record videos 60 seconds prior to the point or after when you press record, so you never miss a moment. It can be used in personal...Read More

  • 1080p HD WIFI Camcorder Camera

    1080p HD WIFI Camcorder Camera

    Model:【G004】 This camera is HD handheld camcorder that features command center can operate and view the live shooting videos in real time. It's the ultimate news acquisition device, perfect for a wide range of sports, corporate, education and event applications. The camera...Read More

  • 1080p HD Police Digital Camcorder Camera

    1080p HD Police Digital Camcorder Camera

    Model:【G004】 The police digital camcorder camera is a body worn high-definition video recorder for law enforcement with true HD 1080p Recording. With 114-degree lens it can capture more actions, it can record over 15-hour videos and have 32GB internal memory. Single Press...Read More

  • Law Enforcement Digital Audio Recorder

    Law Enforcement Digital Audio Recorder

    Model:【G004】The law enforcement digital audio recorder is designed to provide law enforcement and security personnel with true super HD 1080p 30fps video recording capability, one-touch recording and activation. It adopts four core processor and CMOS sensor to improve the...Read More

  • Law Enforcement Video Recorder

    Law Enforcement Video Recorder

    Model:【G004】 The law enforcement video recorder provides four core processor, CMOS sensor and storage modules to enhance the system speed and the user's experience. a 114-degree wide angle lens means it can capture more detailed things human eyes miss before and after the...Read More

  • 3G 4G WIFI Bodycams

    3G 4G WIFI Bodycams

    Model:【G004】 The 3G 4G WIFI bodycams have 2.0 inch color touch camera,which has a proven calming effect on people being recorded and maximises transparency with the public. When appropriate, the screen can also be used to view video back in the field, without needing a smart...Read More

  • 4G WIFI Body Worn Video

    4G WIFI Body Worn Video

    Model:【G004】 The body worn video can also take up to 7808*4400 high-resolution images, which 2.0 inch LCD color touch screen support local playback, via USB interface transmitting the information to PC. Security protocols of the device are secure to prevent accidental...Read More

  • 3G 4G WIFI Digital Audio Recorder

    3G 4G WIFI Digital Audio Recorder

    Model:【G004】 Designed to complement your over-arching security function, this light-weight, discreet and easy to use camera can be worn as part of staff uniform, ready to record at a moment's notice. 3G 4G WIFI digital audio recorder is capable of realizing intercom function...Read More

  • 3G 4G WIFI Body Cams for Cops

    3G 4G WIFI Body Cams for Cops

    Model:【G004】 Wearing our body cams for cops, public servants, security guard and others who deal with the public are protected against abusive behavior, false complaints and litigation. Supported 34 mega pixels, every incident is seen, heard and recorded thanks to HD video...Read More

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