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Body Camera Series

  • Body Cameras for Job Sites Survey

    Body Cameras for Job Sites Survey

    Model:【G002】 Body cameras for job sites survey for in one site surveillance camera is the great option. Save big money by eliminating DVRs and cabling. Due to the elimination of cabling, this body camera cameras are easily installed in any location or worn with workers. When...Read More

  • Body Worn Camera for Job Sites Survey

    Body Worn Camera for Job Sites Survey

    Model:【G002】 Construction sites need temporary video surveillance in a dark, narrow, flexible and sometimes wet environment. Site managers and project teams want to visit the site over the internet in order to efficiently manage multiple construction projects at once. When...Read More

  • Police Wearable Cameras

    Police Wearable Cameras

    Model:【G002】 To meet the rigorous requirements of law enforcement, we deliver lightweight and power-efficient wearable devices capable of producing pristine imagery in a variety of demanding situations. Our police wearable camera offers superior low-light performance,...Read More

  • Portable Body Camera

    Portable Body Camera

    Model:【G002】 The portable body camera is designed with the user in mind. These units are simple, user-friendly and quite straight forward. Simply power, point, and shoot with the easy to see viewfinder. Playback videos or photos right on the cameras 2.0 inch color LCD screen....Read More

  • Law Enforcement Audio Video Recorder

    Law Enforcement Audio Video Recorder

    Model:【G002】 The law enforcement audio video recorder is a body worn high-definition video recorder with true HD 1296p Recording. Supporting up to 32 mega pixels, it can record over 6 hours videos and have 16GB,32GB,128GB (upgraded) internal memory. Single press button can...Read More

  • HD Body Cameras

    HD Body Cameras

    Model:【G002】 The HD body cameras features a 32 mega pixels camera with a burst shot option of 5 photos, the built-in memory can store high quality images instantly. Snap pictures while the camera is recording as well. While in standby mode or turned off, simply press the...Read More

  • Infrared Body Cameras

    Infrared Body Cameras

    Model:【G002】 The Infrared body cameras has two infrared lamps and white LEDs for night vision, and the function can be triggered automatically or manually. It is installed with five buttons for supporting one-hand one-touch operation. Built in backup battery,when main battery...Read More

  • Portable Camcorder Camera

    Portable Camcorder Camera

    Model:【G002】 Perfect for covert recording when you're on the move, portable camcorder camera is an ideal, hands-free way to film. You'll always be ready to record at a moment's notice. Whether you are looking to use a body camera to record an event such as a concert or...Read More

  • Police Camcorder Camera

    Police Camcorder Camera

    Model:【G002】 This police camcorder camera can integrate audioand video recording, photographing, 2.0 inch TFT screen and up to 12 hours of battery life with two removeable and rechargeable batteries. Built in the Ambarella processor, CMOS sensor, and digital zoom 32X, it...Read More

  • IR-Cut Body Camera

    IR-Cut Body Camera

    Model:【G002】 The IR-cut body camera can be opened automatically or manually at night or under low light conditions. Not only is this 120 wide-angle lens ideal for capturing grand views, but also allows you to get amazingly close with 32x digital zoom. The 2.0 clear LCD...Read More

  • Wearable Camera

    Wearable Camera

    Model:【G002】 A wearable camera also makes a great device for police officers, security guards and other professionals. Some users want to wear body camera in order to record evidence as well. A wearable camera can be extremely useful in the event of an encounter with a...Read More

  • Police Body Video Camera

    Police Body Video Camera

    Model:【G002】The body camera includes a number of the latest audio and video processing technology, full-featured, reliable performance, can be widely used in public, prosecutors, the police and other law enforcement departments. The device can be timely record the scene,...Read More

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