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Data Acquisition Station For Body Cam

Data Acquisition Station For Body Cam

Download & Uploading Evidence
Download the video/audio/photo from body camera to the docking station and upload the evidence to Digital Evidence Management System.
The storage is up to 10TB.
Empty Body Camera after Downloaded.
The camera’s storage will be cleared after evidence downloaded.
Archive Evidence to Specific Department.
The video/audio/photo will be uploaded to specific department in DEMS.
Time Synchronization is automatical.
Correct the camera's time after connected to Docking Station.
Charge the body camera once connecting.

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Product Details


* 11.6 inches touch screen, resolution: 1920*1080P, 10TB storage, 1HDD

* Support 6 Channels body cameras data uploading and recharging simultaneously

* Support first priority upload specific channel

* 1.5hrs for data upload time at most, 3hrs at most for all body cameras fully charged

* Support breakpoint continuously, Storage empty automatically, Auto-archiving, Cycle storage, Intelligent storage, Quick search/output/delete, Video playback, Time synchronization etc

* High security level protection, only authorized user can access to the device

* Support Windows7, Windows8, Windows10 operating systems

Gosuncn docking station dimensions.jpgGosuncn docking station can auto-rechage and video playback local  .jpgGosuncn Docking Station Breakpoint Continuingly,Time Synchronization, Auto-rechage .jpgGosuncn Body Docking Station Priority Upload,Cycle Storage, Quick search, Unattended Operation.jpgGosuncn docking station work environment.jpgGosuncn docking station, Structure Topology Of Network.jpg

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