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Police Body Worn Camera Docking Station

Police Body Worn Camera Docking Station

Model:【S1】 Support 6pcs law enforcement recorders upload, Data synchronously and automatically, Automatic synchronization charge, Automatic copy and empty the data from police body worn camera, Faster data collection, the shorter time required, Powerful data reading capability, Support body worn camera log reading function.

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Product Details


* Not needs any staff on duty, relieve load and promote efficiency for workers.

* Built-in memory, backup disk space, define the data life cycle

* More than one-stop multi-port access

* With 6 data acquisition workstation interfaces, while the 6 body worn cameras can be in processing

* Support breakpoint continuously, Storage empty automatically, Auto-archiving, Cycle storage, Intelligent storage, Quick search/output/delete, Video playback, Time synchronization etc

* Using industrial-grade server design and configuration, realize  7 (days)* 24 (hours) steady working

Gosuncn docking station dimensions.jpgGosuncn docking station time synchronization auto-recharge, breakpoint continuingly.jpgGosuncn Body Docking Station Priority Upload,Cycle Storage, Quick search, Unattended Operation.jpg

Gosuncn docking station can auto-rechage and video playback local  .jpgGosuncn docking station work environment.jpgGosuncn docking station, Structure Topology Of Network.jpg

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