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Access Control
- Jun 28, 2018 -

A technique that restricts user access to certain items of information, or restricts the use of certain control functions, depending on the identity of the user and a group of definitions to which it belongs. The principle of the UniNAC network admission control system is based on this technology, for example. Above. Access control is typically used by system administrators to control user access to network resources such as servers, directories, and files.

Access control is a technique that is required by almost all systems, including computer systems and non-computer systems. Access control is to give a set of methods to identify all the functions in the system, organize them, host them, organize all the data and identify them for hosting, and then provide a simple and unique interface. One end of the interface is One end of the application system is a privilege engine. The privilege engine answers only: who has permission to perform a certain action (motion, calculation) on a resource. The only results returned are: yes, no, privilege engine is abnormal.