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AR Augmented Reality
- Nov 26, 2018 -

AR Augmented Reality can be seen as one of key technology that contributes to the exquisite visual and operational experience of Cloud Prevention System. Today we are going to take a review on the development of it, from which you could be more progressively familiar with AR Augmented Reality.


Headset Monitor


 Google Glasses


Gosuncn AR Technology

Augmented Reality can be traced its back to the birth of modern computer technology while the first modern-alike prototype was the headset monitor invented by a prestigious computer scientist, Turing Award winner Ivan Sutherland. In 1968, Ivan, as an assistant professor of School of Electrical Engineering, Harvard University, had invented a headset monitor named ‘‘Damocles’ Sword’’. Within the whole set, the monitor was hung on the ceiling above user himself and got connected with the headset by linkage which hence transferred simple graphs into images with 3D effect.

In fact, it was in 1998 when AR Augmented Reality had been successfully applied for live streaming, during which Sportvision, a leading enterprise specialized in sports broadcasting image-text package and sports date trace, had innovated 1st & Ten system. In actual broadcasting of a football match, this system had successfully visualized the act of “first time of attacking the yellow line”, which literally broke the record. The technology was originally intended for ice hockey and its blue light was for marking the ice hockey. Nevertheless, the application had not been accepted among audiences.

In no more than a year, AR Augmented Reality development tool—ARToolKit performed its debut, which was invented by Hirokazu Kato of Nara Institute of Science and Technology, namely the first example of AR Augmented Reality for consumption.

In 2005, the combination of ARToolKit and software development kits can provide service for early-phased Saipan smartphone. Developers can calculate the relative location between mobile camera module and specific spots in actual circumstance, which was honored as the revolution of AR Augmented Reality.

In April 2013, Google launched Google Glasses. Frankly speaking, the introduction of newly-invented product stimulated more public interest toward augmented reality than the revolution in terms of this field.

In 2014, Gosuncn initiated augmented reality high definition camera and this revolutionary event greatly inspired the whole security protection industry.

In 2016, Gosuncn ceremoniously released the cloud protection system with AR Augmented Reality at the core in Beijing Security Expo, which compiled a glamorous chapter of the history of AR technology.