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Body Camera Application In Concert Security
- Aug 12, 2018 -

The Chinese famous band—Mayday, held fabulous live concert on August 11, 2018, Xiangyang, Hubei province, China. About 15,000 fans enjoyed this grand party. Concert security was priority among priorities of everything. Gosuncn Technology Co.LTD as the main technical supporting company, adopted industry-leading technology and provided safety guarantee for this concert.

Chinese famous band—Mayday .jpeg

Photo/ Chinese famous band--Mayday   

How to ensure the safety of audience, orderliness, and police dispatching is the most important task.

In order to ensure the Mayday concert carried out safely and orderly, Xiangyang Public Security Company initially adopted Gosuncn industry-leading self-developed ARVGIS, through AR &AI technology as the core of real-action system, marked tag for the area of concert, road, and important target with AR technology. Combining AR drone, and 4G body cameras, video surveillance equipment, made all-round control of person, vehicle, emergency, police and surveillance resource in the important area. Security arrangement becomes unprecedented visual and clear, unblocked and flexible. Whether guards and material resources are on the duty, we can view clearly and control.

Xiangyang Public Security Company initially adopted AR drone for concert security arrangement, and this arrangement achieved significant effect. The drone aerially recorded view of the concert, and then the security guard can view the real-time HD video from drone in the platform with ARVGIS. Through observing the tag in the screen, and clicking the specific tag, the command center directly connected and deploy low height surveillance camera, face recognition system, vehicle mount camera, 4G body camera, 350M intercom, police office, police car and other security video resource. In other words, the command center knew clearly the real time concert scene situation and police condition. When face recognition alarm and emergency occur, the commander can click the tag focus fastly on the concert scene. In addition, connecting 4G body camera to real-time transmit scene and real-time intercom, the commander can fastly and effectively give instructions, for greatly shortening the process from pre-warning to research judge. ARVGIS, this system greatly improved the security efficiency.

AR vGIS Stereoscopic Control System Application in Concert Security  --with 4G body camera picture in picture.png

Photo/ AR drone recorded concert security scene

AR vGIS Stereoscopic Control System Application in Concert Security  --with 4G body camera.png

Photo/ the control platform was connecting body camera wearers

AR vGIS Stereoscopic Control System Application in Concert Security  --with 4G body camera.png

Photo/ the control platform viewed the image in real time

Real-time Dispatching    Quick Response

For ensure that the quickly respond to concert scene security condition, Xiangyang Public Security Company guards worn 4G body camera of Gosuncn technology to go on a patrol on the scene, so as to comprehensively strengthen to investigation and handling. The command center conducted real-time video communication to keep abreast of newest security condition, such as in real-time take control of police office location and deployment condition. (The body camera is built in GPS and 4G WIFI network, and support HD shooting, recording and POC intercom function, etc.) Ultimately, the commander can realize real-time deployment and battle command.

AR vGIS Stereoscopic Control System Application in Concert Security  .png

    Photo/ the control platform paid attention to the scene in real time

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