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- Jan 11, 2019 -

On July 5, 2018, the CMMI5 certification project of Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd. was officially launched with support of the group's R&D department.

On December 16, the SEI-authorized Indian director appraiser, Hitesh Sanghavi and his team conducted a 10-day CMMI Level 5 formal evaluation of the company. They assessed the company's process operations in accordance with the CMMI5 V1.3 standard, and interviewed the company's managers, the EPG group, and the participating project members.

After finishing the corresponding evidence confirmation, the team agreed that the company fully meets the requirements and practices of CMMI5. At the meeting of the final results that day, Hitesh Sanghavi submitted a formal evaluation report to the company, awarding the CMMI5 certification to the group.


CMMI, the full name of Capability Maturity Model Integration, is the software capability maturity model integration. It is a set of evaluation and certification system developed by the SEI Institute of Carnegie Mellon University which represents the most advanced software engineering method in the world. The authoritative standard of software enterprise capability maturity and project management level is recognized as the passport for software companies to go to the international market. CMMI5, the highest level of the system, is the most authoritative certification for the excellent performance of enterprise software R&D standardization, standardization and maturity. At present, only a small number of enterprises in the country have passed the high maturity certification.


In the future, GOSUNCN will continue to promote R&D standard management, strictly demanding itself with higher requirements to increase product innovation and upgrading, continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness.