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Human Body Camera Event
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Known as a body camera Any scene can be painted under the pen

To the teacher's surprise, Stephen, who has autism, has an amazing momentary memory ability. He can almost forget all the sights. He can accurately draw one hour, one day, or even one week ago. The landscapes he has seen, the details of the landscape in his paintings, and the similarity to the real scenery often reach 90%! At the age of eight, Stephen saw an earthquake photograph in his book. After a few days, he had no photos. Under the circumstances, the entire picture was drawn back with memory and surprised the teacher and family.

When Stephen stood 10 minutes in London's Piccadilly Acrobatic Show, he was able to draw a panoramic view of Piccadilly's acrobatic field without any pause. Everything in Stephen's landscape was almost exactly the same as the real landscape.

Stephen's amazing genius of drawing attracted the attention of scientists and the media. Former Dean of the Royal Academy of Arts Hugh Casson described Stephen as "the best British children's artist", and Stephen also received such names as juvenile Picasso and human camera.