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Human Camera Introduction
- Jun 28, 2018 -

People often compare their eyes to the human body's camera. The structure and function of the eye has many similarities with the camera, but the eye is a living human organ that is much more elaborate and complex than the camera. The lens of the camera is a convex lens. The light is refracted through the lens. The front and rear positions of the lens are adjusted so that the light can be focused on the photographic plate to become a clear inverted image. The transparent part of the eyeball (cornea, lens, vitreous body) can also refract and focus the light entering the eye. The thickness and curvature of the lens can be changed by the activity of the ciliary muscle. Proper adjustment makes the incident light focus on the retina. To be a clear image, this human eye and the camera do have similarities. When using a camera to record objects at different distances, it must be appropriate.