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Video Surveillance
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Video surveillance is an important part of the security system, English Cameras and Surveillance. Traditional monitoring systems include front-end cameras, transmission cables, and video surveillance platforms.

The cameras can be divided into network digital cameras and analog cameras, which can be used as front-end video image signal acquisition. It is a comprehensive system with strong prevention capabilities. Video surveillance is widely used in many occasions for its intuitive, accurate, timely and rich information content. In recent years, with the rapid development of computers, networks, and image processing and transmission technologies, video surveillance technology has also made considerable progress.

The latest monitoring system can use a smartphone to perform automatic image recognition, storage, and automatic alarming. The video data is transmitted back to the control host through 3G/4G/WIFI (which can also be a smart phone), and the host can perform operations such as viewing, recording, playing back, recalling, and storing images in real time. In order to achieve mobile Internet video surveillance.